Kesselring Bunker

The end of the Second World War was established in Recoaro Terme, and precisely within the bunker still present and visitable at the Fonti Centrali.
The German occupation of the Agno Valley began immediately after 8 September 1943. In May 1944, the entire spa complex of the Regie Fonti became the headquarters of Field Marshal Albert Kesselring, supreme commander of the German forces in Italy. The choice fell on Recoaro and Le Fonti, both for the strategic position of the town, protected by the mountains and close to the road linking Germany and the Gothic Line, and for the availability of housing for the 1,500 people following Kesselring.
To ensure the safety and efficiency of the new headquarters, bunkers, galleries and shield trenches were prepared, including the large command bunker in which the main strategic offices would be located.
On April 20, Hitler’s birthday, the Allies surgically bombed the Central Sources; two days later, during a meeting, inside the command bunker, between the main German political and military leaders present in Italy, the cessation of conflicts was established. The 29 April was therefore ratified to Caserta the unconditional surrender.