The project

The Energy itinerary is an idea of aggregation around the energy of water, a fundamental theme for the culture of these lands of the Upper Agno-Chiampo Valley enclosed by the crown of the Little Dolomites.

A project that aims at sustainability through actions promoted by various public/private entities: the municipalities of Valdagno, Recoaro Terme, Crespadoro together with the participated company Impianti Agno Spa, Eusebio Energia Srl, tour operators, especially guides (hiking, environmental, cycling).

A project financed by GAL Montagna Vicentina. The Energy Route as an accelerator of innovation towards a clear sustainable footprint of the valleys.

Discover the territory

The territory of the Upper Agno-Chiampo Valley enjoys a strong landscape value, a high environmental quality and a historical energy vocation.

The enhancement of these elements confirms a cornerstone role in the development in favor of a sustainable vision of these lands.


For a discovery of this world we use the bike: slow, comfortable, cheap, easy to use and suitable for all ages. Its electric version, e-bike, brings people and tourists of all age groups together. Precisely for these reasons, the project infrastructures the territory with a coordinated system of maps, signs, app-mobile and e-bike recharge stations that help the visitor in the fruition of the places.

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Enter the world of e-bike !

Rental services, assistance, and map of charging stations

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Use the mobile app Itinerario Energia

An app that will guide you to discover the energy route

Video report: power production today

Industrialization in the Agno Valley – Memories