The small church of Santa Maria del Carmine

The itinerary that leads to Santa Maria del Carmine is short and pleasant: you walk along the sidewalk that begins immediately behind the monument to Gaetano Marzotto, and after a tree-lined avenue you reach a small oratory dating back to 1634. It is an octagonal building with two small rooms grafted onto the sides of the atrium in the 18th century. On the front there is a small facade with a triangular gable from which two lateral bodies with half-moon windows depart.

As soon as you enter a tiny corridor leads to the inside of the church: an octagonal room where the octagonal design is taken up at the center of the floor outlined by slabs of marble of different colors. Four round windows punctuate the walls with yellow and blue stained glass windows forming a star, the segmented ceiling forms an elegant pavilion. The two rows of pews lead to the nineteenth-century altarpiece that describes the vision of the Madonna of Saint Simon Stock. In the small room on the left we find an interpretation of the theme of the per