Civic Museum D. Dal Lago

The Civic Museum “D. Dal Lago” of Valdagno has its seat in Palazzo Festari and it was born thanks to the donation of a rich collection mainly of fossils of the Agno Valley by Dr. Domenico Dal Lago. The palace of the XVIII century offers to the museum a valuable context for the exposition of the paleontological and archaeological collections, but also an evocative brolo that overlooks like a terrace on the surrounding reliefs. This open-air space houses interesting reproductions, such as the skeleton of two large Saurians, which welcome the modern visitor, almost an open-air museum! The Museum also preserves materials found in recent years during excavations and occasional discoveries that interest geology, paleontology and archaeology.  It is an opportunity for fans of geology and geo-paleontology to take a trip back in the last 300 million years on our planet Earth as well as recognize the presence of man and animals in the high valley of Chiampo from ancient times until today.