Church of San Gaetano Thiene

The Church of San Gaetano was born for the interest of the archpriest of the Cathedral of Valdagno who realized, in the middle of the 30’s, the lack of a sacred building in the district of over Agno, which was becoming more and more populated. He therefore asked Count Marzotto for permission to use the hall of the kindergarten (later adapted to a gymnasium) which was consecrated only in 1959.

Inside the church the natural light takes on modulations of every color through the colored tesserae of the stained glass windows created by Albano Poli in 1960. The only monumental statue, which is on the left of the podium that divides the hall from the presbyterial room, is a work of Guido Cremasco and represents the patron saint, Gaetano Thiene. The whole back wall that closes the presbytery of San Gaetano looks like a gigantic polymathic altarpiece, in the middle of which is the church altar. Above a marble plinth the pipes of the organ emerge in a row. Above the elevation of the organ we have eight bands of white marble from around the world. In the middle of these, the vertical staves of the wooden door take up the vertical pattern of the organ pipes. On the sides of the door, two angels with long straight wings pointing to the sky and two large haloes hold a scroll on which are written the words Amen and Alleluia.