Museum of Soldier’s Life in the Great War

The museum “The life of the soldier in the Great War”, set up in the restructured rooms adjacent to the new civic library of Recoaro, exhibits an extraordinary collection of material evidence of daily use, used on the Alpine front during the First World War.
Recovered on the battle sites, mainly in the Adamello and Pasubio areas, by Antonio Storti from Recoaro, the objects, now available for public fruition, offer an often unpublished perspective on the life conditions of the soldiers at the front.
From clothing to food, from personal hygiene to trench work, from individual defense to the rare moments of rest…, the exhibition presents a war that is almost distant from the reality described by official news and photographs; a vision purged of mud, blood, and hatred. There is perhaps in these objects a halo of detachment that envelops the historical event. The ephemeral and the myth of the Great War are confused in this exhibition, intentionally anti-heroic, almost domestic, where the memories of the soldiers, their hopes, the beating of the cannons, the wind of the harsh land, the advance and the retreat…, the history, in short, of the tremendous warfare, is scanned by life and in this simplicity represents one of the highest meanings of the eternal story of man.
The Museum is also the Visitor Center of the Ecomuseum of the Vicentine Prealps and, considering its location, a real gateway to visit the sites recovered in the Small Dolomites.

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