App Itinerario Energia

Download the Itinerario Energia app for a guided tour of Agno Valley power plants and to learn about the history of hydropower in this area.

A tool to learn about the history and relevance of energy in the Agno Valley.

The Agno Valley has always been linked to territory, water and energy. The Agno river and its tributaries have animated for centuries the mills, the hammers, the sawmills, the gypsum mills that have dotted this territory over time. Not only: it has also assumed an important touristic-thermal value with the Recoaro springs.

The app guides the visitor through the historical and technical aspects of the water management system, starting from the projects started at the end of the 19th century by Lanificio Marzotto and up to the present day, with the maintenance and renewal of the system by Eusebio Energia and Impianti Agno.

A journey over a century long, where territory, water and energy come together.

The app can be used both in consultation mode, scrolling through the descriptive cards of the main hydroelectric works of the Valley, and as a guide to the visit, using the map and geolocation functions. Thanks to the text reading functions (texts by the historian Samuele Sottoriva, taken from the book “Energia dall’acqua – Le centrali idroelettriche dell’alta Valle dell’Agno”, Cierre edizioni), the app can also be used as an audio guide for the itinerary.

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