La Favorita Park

The park represents a landscape complex of absolute prestige (about 5 hectares). The design of La Favorita park was entrusted in the Thirties by Gaetano Marzotto to Bonfanti and Zardini, authors of most of the Social City.

Inside the park it is possible to distinguish, beyond the tree-lined avenue through one of the monumental entrances, the large staircase leading to the highest central part of the park, the wide terraces in view delimited by stone balustrades, the foundations of what should have been a manor house and the romantic park, characterized by the remarkable biodiversity of the vegetation.  Next to the park, next to an ornamental fountain, there are greenhouses, desired by the client, who identified, in what is now only a park, also an agricultural function. The project also included, as mentioned, the realization of a large manor house, designed by Gio Ponti. The works for its realization were interrupted because of the Second World War and never resumed.  Inside you can recognize: the monumental entrances, the great staircase, the stone and grit balustrades of the terraces, the tree-lined avenue, the greenhouses and the romantic park. At the center of the monumental area, the project included the construction of a large mansion. The works for its realization were interrupted because of the second world war and never resumed. The foundations of the palace are still visible. In its final version, the Villa should have been built on three floors: a basement and two floors above ground; the covered area should have been about 900 square meters, while the total area of the two floors would have been about 1,700 square meters. Its main entrance would have faced the park to the south with a large patio, while the facade to the west, with a strict symmetry, would have emphasized the monumental axis of the steps of the park facing the city towards the square of the Rivoli theater.

It is the seat, during the year, of several initiatives, reviews and events.

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