Sigolara Power Plant

  • Production Capacity: 100 MWh / anno
  • Strada Prov.le 100, n. 14 - 758 m.a.s.l.

The scenario of hydroelectric power in the Agno valley has recently expanded with three other small power plants built by Impianti Agno.

After fully exploiting the potential obtainable from diversions with surface waters, drinking water eventually ended up at the center of new energy interests. Usually diverted at high altitudes, this water tends to reach the user with excessive power: a large part of its hydraulic energy is therefore dissipated through the use of valves specially built for the purpose. This energy, which would otherwise be lost, can however be effectively converted into electricity.

This is what happens in the Sigolara plant. Built in 2007, the small hydroelectric plant is located in Borga de Martiri in Recoaro Terme and it houses a horizontal axis Pelton turbine with a yearly output of 100 mWh.

System photo

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